About the Anonymous forum

Post in this forum without fear on any topic, anonymously. Nobody knows who you are. Not even admins / staff of India Community Forums. But with great anonymity comes great responsibility. Under no circumstance uncivilized behaviour will be tolerated and all community guidelines apply.

What kind of stuff can you post here?

  1. Your life stories
  2. Some secret from your company, business, or organization
  3. Use it for citizen journalism
  4. Use it for activism
  5. To report abuse, bullying or other such things

Basically this forum gives users the opportunity to confess to things that could potentially ruin relationships, friendships, personal life or result in loss of job, without suffering consequences. You can over share without any repercussions!

How it works?

Everytime you post on this forum, our system automatically generates a new anonymous user id for you that is not tied to your IP address, email, username or any other identifiable information on this forum. So when you post here you are Anonymous yet and nobody can identify you. Yet you may still use the other parts of the site with your username as a regular user.

Just start a new topic and post whatever you feel like to your heart’s content. If you reply to any post, you are anonymous too. Whatever is exchange inside this forum is anonymous.