Art by Artworks Inithan (Paintings)

Artwork Title - Living Sculpture:-
Painting: Watercolor
Size: 10.6 H x 8.3 W x 0.01 inch
DURATION:- 7 Days TECHNIQUE:- normal water color painted using very fine pointed Brush DESCRIPTION:- Its actually a painting of an real stone sculpture in INDIA. WHAT’S HAPPENING? :- a women adjusting her "Forehead Jewel " by seeing her face in mirror.

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Artwork Title: Kathakali Face
Poster paint on Black chart
DESCRIPTION: It’s an Kerala dance art.
DURATION: Took 3 months to complete.

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Artwork Title: Lord Ganesha-Cosmic Dance:-

Painting: Oil on Canvas.
Size: 17.4 H x 12.8 W x 0.01 inch
DURATION:-Its an OIL-PAINTING , took nearly 2 months to complete.


Beautiful works of art. Do keep sharing. I have merged your different posts into one thread. Next time when you post, upload all paintings into one single topic for the day and post with description below each. Makes it much easier for others to view and share.

Can you please tell about yourself? How long have you been painting? What mediums do you use?

I am an Artist from INDIA. I am an self-taught artist. I do drawing from my childhood. I do oil, acrylic, water-colour and poster colour painting.

(Positive Color factor, Psychological factor & Lighting factors are CONSIDERED in all my Paintings)

I love to make prominent & effective tone, texture and colors of my Art. I feel the tip of my brush to give a lovely art of ALL-TIME.

I PREFER “OIL-PAINTING” WHY OIL-PAINTING? :-It has long life-span, than any other medium & so Permanent.

DURATION:- DRYING TIME OF OIL-PAINTING is 7-10 days each layer.

My works are fine and perfect, as I expect. I charge $1 to 4.7$ PER square INCH for OIL-PAINTING.

Warm regards,
Contact details: 0091-9445969401
E-mail id : [email protected]
Twitter id :
facebook id :

Artwork Title: Tirupathi Balaji Abishegam:-
Painting: Oil on Canvas.
Size: 16.7 H x 13.2 W x 0.01 inch
Its an oil painting. DURATION:- 4months

Very nice paintings Mr. Inithan. You have got real natural talent. I like your Ganesha painting very much. It gives this Nataraja like frozen in time action feeling.

When you say you charge for paintings, are you like a professional painter? You make a living from painting? Just wondering what kind of paintings your customers like and want.

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Artwork Title: Buddha Real-Reflection:-
Painting: Oil on Canvas.
Size: 18 H x 12.5W x 0.01 inch
Its an oil painting. DURATION:- 6months
DISCRIPTION: Buddhist Monk is meditating like his master Buddha.

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Thanks Mr. Aravind.
My hobbies is painting. But the oil-paintings are for sale.