Arunachal Landslide

17 people are feared killed in the deadly landslide in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh due to heavy rains. Most of those dead are construction laborers (mostly from Assam) at the site who were fast asleep at 3:30 AM when the tragedy happened. Kiren Riju, the home minister and who’s from Arunachal Pradesh went to visit the site and oversee relief work carried out by the Army and local people. There was a news piece about this on Doordarshan, otherwise, there was little coverage on the incident in mainstream media. Or probably, it may be that we viewers care less about the news that the coverage got little air time. Any comments?

PMO tweeted expressing PM’s grief about the landslide.

Arunachal Govt. has issued a state-wide warning to the general public due to the heavy rains that have been lashing for the past one week.

I think you brought up a good point about viewers not really caring about the north-east. And that is true because of a few natural reasons.

Many from heartland India do not have friends or relatives living in the northeast
Northeast has been kept isolated by successive govts. in decades and only now opening up, so most of us haven’t been there or hear about it often to feel an association
Ultimately, there’s a feedback loop established. Mainstream news readers caring less about a certain topic or place, so mainstream media posting less about it, which makes people care less and so on.

Right now I feel the focus is shifting towards the northeast. There are many on social media asking why isn’t northeast getting the coverage, just like your post and that’s taking the attention of media towards the place.

And this is again establishing a positive feedback loop which hopefully will raise coverage of tragedies like these to the same level, if it were to happen in a capital city of the west or north like Pune or Patna.