Balbir Singh Seechewal has cleaned over 160ms of river single handedly (Social Work)

Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal is Punjab’s most famous Eco-activist, spearheading an anti-river pollution campaign. He has resurrected the 110-miles long Kali Bein rivulet single-handedly.

In his latest project in early 2009, taking up the cudgels to save Buddha Nullah, eminent environmentalist Sant Balbir Singh Seechewal has initiated a campaign for generating awareness amongst different sections of the society. To solve the problem of desilting the water body following the failure of the Punjab Pollution Control Board’s (PPCB) and industries in complying with the High Court’s orders in this regard.

Seechewal says that when he started the water-cleaning project of Kali Bein in 2007, it was a challenging task. But, as people became aware of its importance, they joined in cleaning the rivulet, which had become a dried-up drain and had been reduced to a landfill with its historical and religious significance long forgotten.

We may not be able to match his work or even take up river cleaning ourselves. But sure we can contribute to keeping our waterways clean. Other people, just like us, dumped all that muck he has cleaned. Balbir thinks instead of blaming others for the pollution we can educate those who throw trash into our water bodies and pollute our drinking water in a nice way. Slowly but surely we can change the way our people treat our water resources. Instead of just appreciating Balbir, help his quest by becoming a word of mouth activist now.

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