Behind closed doors: The 'ex criminal tribes' of india

It might be just a history for the post-modern society of India but for us, who are labelled as criminals have a different story. In 1871 the british govt passed an act commonly knwn as the criminal tribe act. Under this act more than 150 tribes were labelled as the ‘hereditary criminals’. Under the british rule these tribes were crushed by police and rulers. This act provided the right to arrest these ppl without any warrant.

In due course of time the indian society witnessed the emergence of a new class of people who were branded as criminals. Following independence these tribes were ‘denotified’ but these communities were never been able to leave behind their ’ historic disadvantage’.

Today some of them are included in the SC category and some in the ST category but still there are millions of them who dont even count as a backward class. Those are the most unfortunate ones because of the criminal label that the society has given to them, nobody ever accepts them and they are unable to enjoy the subsidies and reservations that the govt provides. By this way the denotified community suffers indifference in all aspects, from the society’s side and from the govt. And hence even if they dont want they are forced to live the life of a criminal. And the anti-social in our society leaves no chance to exploit their weaknesses. It is difficult for these people to stake a claim to the govt because of the stigma of being labelled as ‘ex criminal tribes’.

Their past might be in darkness but the future of their children is in our hands. We shouldn’t just simply sit and dream that one day everything would be fine automatically. In a country where we raise voice against each and every single matter, I challenge you if you have guts… Do raise your voice for the right ones.