BSNL has "no plans" to offer 20GB 3G data for Rs. 50

Sanjay Kumar, GM, Sales and Marketing, BSNL has confirmed to a news outlet that reports of such a plan are plainly false.

Earlier, there was much hype created by an article that seems to have first appeared on that claimed BSNL was offering 20GB 3G data at Rs. 50. Soon many other media outlets caught on to this news and re-published it themselves.

While we users got excited no doubt and were searching the Internet frantically for confirmation from the ‘official source’ BSNL itself, we could only secretly hope it was true.

I think this is clearly a case of media in India indulging in click-baiting, by publishing false, but exciting news and also spreading it by re-publishing from the original click-baiter, without any verification.

What is your reaction to the BSNL damn cheap 3G story and how it turned out to be false due to unscrupulous reporting standards? Otherwise, if you have comments on BSNL service quality or charges, leave a reply below.

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