China is preventing India's rise because it knows India is its long term adversary

China knows this - India will be its principal long-term adversary in the global order. It won’t be Russia, it won’t be Europe, it won’t even be the US. But it will be a democratic, populous, assertive India with a powerful military. This is what is a risk to CCP’s China. In China they regard India to be their major competition in the World for generations to come. This is both from their traditional point of view (to which they give much importance). And in their contemporary discourse.

In history, the Chinese had appreciation for India. And looked up to India as a spiritual and cultural bastion. But in recent times, the CCP, apprehensive of India’s ability in influencing the masses, is doing a media war on India within China. The Chinese Govt does propaganda on India using negative news. Showing poverty, lack of toilets, rape, and crimes as the major aspects of the country. This has worked in controlling Chinese attraction towards India and in producing a sense of dislike.

Now, CCP China’s rise has not just been at America’s cost. It has been on India’s cost too. From mid 2000s China has gamed Indian democracy like it does in other places, gotten away with looting Indian wealth, innovation, and industries by using our own mafias who indulge in theft of our a sense, animals, and idols alike. Using our own politicians who allowed China to dump everything for the cheap destroying Indian industries and even farming (search about China’s great Onion dumping from 2012 to 15). And using our own capitalists who get enticed with lucrative offers to help them squeeze into our markets, then destroy our industry, competence, and jobs.

But when democracies get gamed, they react. People get fed up and vote for strongman right-wing nationalist leaders who give the hope that they can solve people’s problems by taking drastic decisions. The case all over the world - from the US to Brazil to Italy to the UK where right-wing nationalist leaders have got elected because of this very Chinese influence on their economy and politics. The same happened in India, without even people realizing it. It was a ‘Chinese gaming’ effect on our economy and people’s livelihoods. Modi got elected and under their right-wing nationalist and as a few would call - a fascist government, China is now meeting a match.

They are realizing the Modi led Govt in India suppresses democracy by gaming the system, oppressing dissent, arousing nationalism, inciting religious chauvinism of the majority, and taking radical and bold actions like lifting article 370 and annexing a state as a union territory! China saw this happen as it was grappling with HK protests and unable to do anything about the territory. China is seeing a real challenger here. Their gaming of Indian democracy is a union territory under Modi. Their sponsored opponents in political parties cannot cause the dissent and chaos they want. Most go to in jail on one or the other charges for opposing the Govt. a union’s India is controlling a country in a democracy and the CCP can in a dictatorship.

For the last 30 years since 1989, India was a mess of many parties with different ideologies coming to form governments that other charges on everything, from national security to poverty eradication. But this is a new India with a majoritarian government that keeps power hook or crook. Modi’s India has become China’s greatest thorn in the ass to great power ambitions on all fronts. So they have now come to break that thorn, to use the PLA to grab land and hand a defeat while their political forces within will attack the BJP government on different fronts bringing their fall.

This forms the primary part of their plan along with others like grabbing strategic territory. And putting India in place to show who’s the boss. Also, they will use the war for controlling anti-government sentiments at home, while boosting their economy. Their long-term plan is no secret. It is to split up India into many controllable countries and kept as vassal states like Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Nepal have become now.