City Water Walks Mumbai - Understanding Mumbai's Water situation

The City Water Walks initiative aims to introduce the urban dweller to the basics of the local water infrastructure, affording an insight into where does water come from, what happens to it and where does it finally end up. It is an open event with invitations sent out a week in advance, attendees need to RSVP in advance.

The first edition of the Mumbai walks saw us visiting Powai lake as permissions for our visit planned for Vihar lake didn’t come through. Conducted with the support of Sanctuary Asia and led by Dr. Parvish Pandya, we learnt a great deal about the situation in Mumbai.

We eventually discussed a lot more than just the Powai lake, the following link has detailed discussions to the same:

Here’s a link to the recce we conducted before conducting the actual walk:

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This sounds like a great initiative to save India’s water resources. By raising awareness and educating the public through these walks, your organization is doing an excellent service. Wish to see such riverwalk chapters set up in each city to help urban dwellers appreciate water resources as well as in the process become activists to save them, just like you.