Cobra Gypsies documentary

This documentary shows the life of the most emblematic tribe of Rajasthan, the Kalbeliyas.
It became one of the most popular doc on youtube last year.

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This a very good documentary. Thanks for sharing here. Never knew about the Kalbeliyas before. What prompted you to document these people? Tell us about yourself a little more.

My name is Raphael Treza, i’m a 36 yrs old french filmmaker, i travel in India since 2003 and i’m glad to show the beauty of its culture and people, you can check more of my work at

I love the music of the gypsies of Rajasthan since im a kid, and i met them in 2010 to learn the kartals, the indian castanets, from this experience i decided to make a clip, then a documentary.

The movie became one of the most popular doc on youtube, and the soundtrack i composed got released by universal USA

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That’s really great to know about your passionate work and that it paid off with the documentary becoming one of the most popular on Youtube. And the soundtrack is very good, didn’t imagine you would have composed it. Keep it up!

Those landing on this post, please scroll up a bit to see the documentary!

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Thanks a lot! Glad to share it with you