Edible environment friendly spoons

Instead of using plastic to make use and throw spoons, what if you use healthy edible ingredients to bake a biscuit spoon? Bakeys is a company in India that claims to have innovated such a spoon. Watch this video below to know about it.

On casually searching the internet we did find similar concepts around the world, so this company from India may not be the one to originally innovate such an idea but we think credit must be given to them for using local ingredients and making the spoons to local taste. And for bringing such environmentally friendly concept to India as well as trying to promote is successfully. Hope a big organization like Railways adopts it and the idea goes mainstream in India.

Here’s another one fmade from corn, made in the USA (US Patent:D632,046). Leave your replies below on what you think about this very innovative concept.

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Great work, great idea. This should be marketed better for longer customer reach