Film series about positive stories of India

We are Lara and Patrick, Brazilian independent filmmakers living in India making a project called “Better Days - Real Stories of Unsung Heroes of India”, so we have a lot to share with you.

We have a big project of 6 months duration in order to make a film series of 12+ short films about positive stories of unsung heroes of India, common people doing great things by themselves improving their lives and their community. We have a schedule to cover India from North to South, East to West in the fields of education, sustainability, women rights, art, culture, medicine, community and so on.

Now we have made two films already of common people doing great actions, and we are in pre production phase where we are raising funds to make the entire project. We have made a film of ourselves telling you more about this project and have written all info here, please have a look:

We are now looking not just for funds to make the project, but a executive producer, an associate producer and distribution channels. Everything would be properly credit as a proper partnership.The aim of the project is to distribute locally, nationally and internationally. Locally we have plans to send the finished films to libraries and public schools in India, nationally we have a partnership with The Better India and are seeking a broader media, internationally we are talking with a newspaper in Brazil as well TV channels, as well we seek to distribute at least in Thailand, Canada, Mexico, Europe, US and Bolivia. We are producing not only the short films but a series of photographs, texts, design and illustrations. Please let us know your thoughts, let’s talk about it how we could partner together! We would love to hear from you!

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All the best to you both for such good work. Would love to see your films when they come out. Where should we watch them? As for milaap funding let me check it out…

Thank you very much dear Aravind!
Please follow this facebook page, as we will be posting all films there when ready, and now we are posting some short stories too!
And do have a look on the milaap funding, we have 10 days to go to raise 50% more to our campaign.
All the best to you,

Check out women making films. A friend of mine @Vaishax project. May be you guys can connect.