How much of Indian History is really true?

I would like you to watch this excellent talk without reading what it is about beforehand so you do not start with a prejudice. Anyways, am posting the video description below.

Sanjeev Sanyal believes that every generation needs to rethink and question the paradigms on which a society is based. Here is a peek into what to expect from this talk. During this talk, Sanjeev would help us realize the importance of separating the hard evidence from their interpretations in our history books, leading to more critical thinking on part of the reader.

Sanjeev is an Indian writer, environmentalist and urbanist, who is considered as one of the world’s leading financial sector economists. Sanjeev was the Global Strategist and Managing Director at Deutsche Bank till Oct 2015. He is also the author of three best-selling books, including the “Land of the Seven Rivers: A Brief History of India’s Geography.”