How reservations helped a girl top the UPSC exams 2016

By now if you are in India and following the news, you must have heard of Tina Dabi. She has become the first ever Dalit girl to top the UPSC exams. And following which there have been many TV debates and news op-eds on why reservations are unnecessary in the civil services and other places in present times.

What everyone has failed to notice is Tina Dabi was able to clear the prelims first place because of reservations! She had a lower cut off as she was under the SC category. She had missed the general cut off by many points in the prelims.

Now I am looking at this in two ways. One if not for the reservation her talent may not have been found at all. So, it is good she had the reservation to clear the prelims and top the UPSC finals.

But at the same time how many general category students who may actually go to top the civil services are being cast(e) away by the prelims because their cut off is simply too high?

General category cut off was 107.34, Tina got 96.66 which is higher than SC category cut off at 94.

She can’t use her reservation privilege because her parents work as grade 2, earning around ten lacs a year (Details as per the post on Facebook).

In case an OBC person or family works in Central Govt. or earns above six lacs, they come under “creamy layer”. Unfortunately, there is no provision like “creamy layer and non-creamy layer” for SC and ST. This makes only certain people get repeatedly benefited, but not every caste/family which was identified for this category.

If the government want to realise what is said in Article 15(4) and 16(4A) of the Indian constitution, it must implement a similar policy for all castes like the one they are following for OBC’s presently.