I am currently on a walk (~3000kms) along the river Ganga from sea to source. This is my story

Hi, I’m Siddharth Agarwal and I’m currently on a walk (~3000kms) along the river Ganga from sea to source, and I have already walked 2000kms since 6th June.

This June, I started walking along the Ganga from the ocean to the glaciers at 14000 feet, trying to present a very personal narrative of the Ganga and stories of the people who affect and are affected by it. The experiences have maintained my understanding that there’s a need to bring these crucial conversations into the mainstream. This campaign will help us learn and share with you stories of the people of the basin who depend on the river and what urban/rural/industrial activities are doing to the river.

Current status:

I’m done with over 80% of the trip (currently recovering from an injury induced during the trip), and it has been an exceptionally challenging task over the course of the past four months. For those who have been following the journey from the beginning, it might come as a surprise that I have been by myself and not accompanied by a documentary crew as was the case when I started. Restricted by personal reasons and security concerns, the team decided to drop out after they had covered the stretch in West Bengal. Though this affected the design of the project as envisioned and also induced a fair bit of mental agony, it helped me re-emphasize my belief that the only limitations are the ones that we put on ourselves.

What this has done, though, is that it helped me survive longer on the road with the same amount of funds we were able to raise in the first round of crowdfunding. We’ll soon be going live with the second round of crowdfunding since the first round didn’t reach our target and use that to support the Moving Upstream series of projects, which is soon going to witness an expansion. This includes an opportunity for more young people to undergo river journeys with the support of Veditum India Foundation, to help us understand, visualize and thereby improve the situation at the grassroots.

Feel free to mail me your ideas, comments, and feedback on [email protected] . You can follow my work on our Website [http://veditum.org], Twitter [https://twitter.com/TheGangaWalk] and Instagram [@veditum]

More articles, media coverage and other details about the project here: http://veditum.org/moving-upstream/

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Amazing. And an innovative way to bring attention to the plight of one of the greatest rivers of India and its ecosystem. I am wondering if you would really walk along the banks of the river or you follow the roads and towns along the river? I assume it is a combination of both.

What has been your most unique experience until now?

Hi Aravind, thanks for the appreciation. Yes, you guessed it right, it was a combination of both but majorly due to the fact that i walked through the high monsoon season.

Questions with words like ‘most’, ‘favorite’, ‘best’, generally render me incapable of thinking, but the contrasting behaviour of people every few kilometres is one of the most astounding things that i think i’ve observed. Things just flip on their head when you least expect it, and that is what also makes this a great learning journey.

Please visit www.veditum.org for more stories and subscribe for updates. You can also follow the journey on fb.com/veditum, twitter.com/veditum and instagram.com/veditum



Awesome. I will follow you there, and I have subscribed. Am inspired by your mission!

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Thanks so much. Glad to hear that we could inspire! :slight_smile: