Indians are big time classists

In my experience as a businessperson, I find Indians as consumers have some attitudes towards brands and products. This attitude I think comes from India’s deep-rooted classism. Where some are considered inferior to others. For example, there’s a clear trend I can see towards buying brands, especially foreign brands. The Indian psyche believes that foreign means better quality and cool. Similarly, Indians will go for stuff that’s endorsed by celebrities and high-class people even though it may be a mediocre product. While they will shun stuff that they cannot associate with something high class. So some of the strategies to sell to Indians are:

  • Get celebrity endorsement of your product quickly
  • Give it an international name and associate it with a foreign brand
  • Show in your ads foreigners using it
  • Make sure at least a bunch of cool people are associated with it
  • Never tell your friends the product is yours, or they will discount it right away

This corroborates your thoughts.