India's secret war in Bangladesh

Even as the role of the Indian military in giving birth to the new nation is celebrated, the role of its intelligence services remains largely unknown.

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1971 war, it was a thumping victory for Indian armed forces, and the intelligence community and her then government. The win wouldn’t have been possible without our valiant soldiers and it’s equally proactive generals but also from the overwhelming support of the population in east Pakistan. We should make the contributions of not only mukti bahinis but also the role of then local population. Many of us proudly declare that we have created Bangladesh but I have observed many citizens of Bangladesh doesn’t support our views only. We forgot to equally acknowledge their role in public forums. This mindset is slowly but steadily denting our soft power in front of the current population of Bangladesh. We are alienating them. By doing this we will be adding another enemy in our immediate neighbor.


You spoke my mind Sanjay. India is losing its soft power with its neighbors. Both Nepal and Bangladesh seem to be moving away. While some of it can be attributed to foreign agencies and extremist organizations work, I feel it should not happen first place. Bangladeshis are such lovely people and naturally feel an affinity with India. We should not make boastful claims regarding the liberation of Bangladesh insensitively. Sure, our armed forces and agencies played a big part, but the victory is with the persecuted people of Bangladesh.

Our immediate neighbors are moving away from us not only because of international intelligence agencies but also because of our taking for granted attitude. This has to change otherwise our national security will having gaping holes in future. Especially when we can see a two front war simultaneously in the bigger picture. Chest thumping during the Myanmar raid was an immature reaction. The media coverage of Nepal earthquake by Indian media made the already widening distances wider. This kind of cheap stuff provokes our neighbors even as the action of handful business minded people soils the image of the whole country.

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Oh yeah, you have same thoughts like me. I had the same thinking after the Burma raids. But partly that is due to the sensational Indian media not really the Indian govt I would suppose? And you say this media needs to be reigned in. Or else they can cause serious damage to India reputation and softpower!