Is there any website or app that lists calories in Indian foods and dishes?

Am looking for calorie information for traditional Indian dishes and foods. For example, I would like to know how many calories are there in the Tamil dish of Kootu made with lentils and vegetables with some oil. So I was wondering if any sites record calorie information for such traditional Indian dishes. If not wouldn’t it be nice if some students or professionals in the nutritional science area can do calorific testing (I assume they will learn this in school) for common Indian foods available and post it on some website? Maybe even here?

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Check out, there are a few other sites as well that list very common ones.

Thanks for that link. I find they have little information on Indian foods. They have more of general foods and some North Indian types of bread listed. On some research, I found these two apps. - they are not free but in the app can find calories of most Indian foods! They are claiming to have a database of over 20,000 Indian foods, which is great! - surprisingly they have calories for spinach kootu and such things I was searching. I have used this app for tracking walking etc. And they have a web version just to find calories too. So it’s good.

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Excellent and very important question.
I used to refer this Calorie Counter when I cared. Then I decided to continue gobbling. :slight_smile:

Somehow Nirol reminded me of Nirodh :wink:

hehe. Maybe that’s why many people don’t use it. Though they must, to keep a check on their calories :wink:

I tried them after someone’s recommendation. The UI as well as the UX were terrible and then there were ads to contend with. Although Noom Coach doesn’t have everything, I still like to use it because it almost always covers my diet and there are generic alternatives for things that are not otherwise available in Indian context. You can always contribute to it, as well. However, I have noticed their acceptance rate is either very slow or corrupt. I submitted Mother Dairy Cheese Slices over a week ago and I still don’t get the option when I search for it.

I especially like their volumetrics approach as well as the analysis bit on your daily fed data.


Thanks for suggesting it. Let me give it a try and get back. UI does look sleek, I just had a glance of it on their app page.

Have you had a chance to try it yet?

Am afraid not. Let me download now and get back. Thanks for reminding.

I downloaded and set it up yesterday night. At first I was sceptical as it was nudging me to subscribe to $60/mo package for weight loss or something. But once I started with it, was absolutely delighted. It let me log all the Indian foods I ate yesterday. And it was very easy to do so too. Here are some screenshots.

Even spinach with dhal like the way we make at home were available in Katoris which is exactly how I eat!

I would have loved if it sync with my s-health better though, I like it syncs at least weight data first place. It would have been nice to have steps counter and calories burned synced. Because my s-health syncs to my smartwatch which measures my exercise level everyday thouroughly.

Other than this, I found it was consuming a lot of battery until today. Which I guess is while trying to count my steps. I don’t use my phone for step counting. So I have turned that feature off, and let me see how it goes tomorrow.

Very pleased with this app. Thanks for recommending.

I’ve been using it for roughly 1.5-2 years. It used to be a budget friendly pro membership model, ranging from about $10 to $40 per month. They recently changed it to allow for a personalized coach who helps you with your exact target. I can see why that costs more, but I miss the old model. I was hoping to get the $10/month subscription soon.

A word of advice here. The katoris are in varying sizes and shapes in India. Take a rough guess on how much your filled katori weight (if you one of those small weighing machines at home - they don’t go beyond 1.0/1.5/2.0 kilos) and check more info on each vegetable to see if the quantities match.

At my house, I found out for most vegetables, what Noom said was 1 katori, was closer to 1.5/2.0 katoris. For fruits, it was the opposite. If I ate two mangoes, I would have to input them as 1.0 or 1.5 mangoes depending on the mangoes I ate.

Really? That shouldn’t be the same. They have a separate app too for step counts - and anyhow, step counting isn’t supposed to consume battery. They do mention that when introducing you to the app. Even Google Fit by default measures step taken.

Glad you are liking it. :slight_smile:

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Wow! you pay for the app? I don’t really need to lose weight and just needed a good calorie counter. Anyways, I cannot afford a $40 subscription monthly!

I did notice the calories were a bit higher than what I would expect for what I eat. But I don’t know really. Probably like you mentioned it is a good idea to weigh and input that. Anyways, I just want a quick calorie input for common foods without it becoming too complicated. So I get an estimate of how much I consumed.

It does stand as number two app on my battery consumption screen with step counting turned on. And the step counting isn’t too good either. Plus I do not use my phone for step counting. I think I have given them feedback on letting me do a proper S-health sync which includes steps. Or at the least let me input the steps manually a day later or so which right now is auto closed after the day is over.