IZ needs to use a proper icon

Currently, Indian.zone is using the default Discourse icon, even as its Favicon. I suggest an alternative and more suitable icon - something Indian like the Ashok Chakra.

This is the PNG. I also can make ICO files for use as Favicons, and well as a SVG.

What do you all think ?

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Good suggestion about the need to change the icon. Discourse icon is open source and has the license to modify and use like this. I love the image and would want to use some form of it on the site and its favicon. And the Ashok Chakra is overused on India themed websites. Probably if others come up with suggestions below, we can look into changing it. For now, I will try to get this icon fixed and smoothened to look better.

Sure. Upto you of course. What do you think of an XMPP conference for live chat abilities?

There is already nice official DIscourse plugin for chat. But I think we need to have more active users for hosting live chat sessions. And I also believe hosting live chats will take away indexable content from the forum format and in-depth discussions. Probably, it may be a good idea for events or for groups which we plan to introduce later.