Kapoor and sons Hindi movie review

“Mend ur relationships with ur loved ones before it’s too late!” A clear message, with a beautiful screenplay.

The relationship between siblings, between parents, between grandparents and grandchildren, between parents and children and between your loved ones… Everything is woven well in this melancholy movie.

Rishi Kapoor’s acting was too good, some splits of laughter because of him! Why did they have to choose Coonoor as home, I don’t know… And music isn’t great.

With beautiful picturesque camera work, it’s an offbeat Bollywood movie. This film talks about infidelity, trust, love and space in a family. Do watch this family drama.

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I enjoyed the movie very much. The storyline was fresh and direction is very good. I actually went to see this movie with mixed feelings as I wasn’t impressed with the trailer. But I was wrong!

Ratna Pathak acting was fabulous. So was Fawad Khan, though everyone’s performance was quite well.

Definitely, the best film I have seen in a long time.