Kashmir: the unknown and distorted facts

Here is a reality check on Jammu & Kashmir, thanks to a forward I received (Author unknown). We need to be aware of the myths, vicious lies and half-truths about the matter propagated. The mistrust and generational brainwashing are being orchestrated by agencies, from across the border in Pakistan. These are forces inimical to the Union of India, and ideologically led, funded and motivated by the Government of Pakistan through the ISI. Our Governmental ineptitude and sheer apathy (across the political spectrum) have only added fuel to the fire. Read on…

Separatism: Hype Vs the Truth

  1. Separatist control only five districts = 15% of Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh and they are all Sunni Muslims incited by Pakistani agencies.

  2. The Shias, Sufis, Hindus, Buddhists and Christians are not separatists.

  3. Two of the three regions of J&K are not Muslim majority areas. 85,000 square kilometres are not. When you talk of separatism, there haven’t been any protests against India in this 85 percent area till date.

  4. There’s only one section of the community - Kashmiri-speaking Sunni Muslims who have a separatist agenda. When do you see a TV debate on Kashmir, who do you see? Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Yasin Malik, Shabbir Shah, Gilani, Asiya Andrabi, and Lone. All Sunni Muslims from these five districts out of 22!!

  5. J&K has around 12 per cent Shia Muslims, around 12-14 per cent Gujjar Muslims and around eight per cent Pahari Rajput Muslims, Sufis Christians, Buddhists and Hindus. None of these communities have any separatist leaders

  6. When Afzal Guru got hanged, the media made it appear as if the entire state was out on the streets. The reality was that out of 22 districts; there was not a single demonstration in 17 districts, and only five districts in the Valley faced mild protests.

  7. Poonch has 90 per cent Muslims, but this district is dominated by powerful Sikhs. Kargil has 90 per cent Muslims; Kargil city has more than 99 per cent Muslims, but there was not a single protest in those areas.

  8. Our perception about J&K is that a battle between nationalism and separatism is going on for past 68 years. Nationalism has neither been lost nor will it, because in most areas of the state, the majority of the people are nationalists.

  9. There is no dispute over J&K and the only issue relating to the state is how to get back areas that are under the illegal occupation of Pakistan and China.

‘Separatism’, ‘dispute’ and ‘autonomy’ are three myths associated with the state. The common perception is that J&K is a separatist state. This is because J&K is perceived first as just Kashmir - a Kashmir which is a Sunni Muslim Kashmir, a Muslim Kashmir which is a separatist Kashmir, basically a Kashmir where the Indian tricolour is burnt down, and Pakistans flag is unfurled only in five districts.

The State should be considered as one entity like Jammu (with a maximum of the ground area), Ladakh and only after that Kashmir.

Finally, Pakistan keeps harping on the UN Resolutions. But Part 2 of these Resolutions very clearly state that Pakistan has to withdraw ALL its military forces and nationals used for the purpose of fighting in J&K BEFORE a plebiscite is held. That was in 1947. It is now 2016. Pakistan has yet to withdraw all its forces from Kashmir including GB. The fact is that the PA will never pull its troops out of POK. This UN Resolution is thus dead as a dodo.

Secondly, Pakistan signed the Resolution under Chapter VI of the UN Charter which makes the Resolution NON-ENFORCEABLE.

So Pakistan needs to stop this charade of blaming India for not adhering to the UN Resolutions.

Who are Gujjar Muslims, Pahari Rajput Muslims? Do you mean to say that there are no Shia Gujjar muslims? You are catastrophically mixing subdivisions of Islam and ethnic subdivisions.

Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti are separatists? Kashmiris call them “Indian puppets”

“There is no dispute over J&K”. Ok mate.

Due to decades of torture and violence, Kashmiris have been put in such a position where they’d support the enemy’s enemy. Thus pro-militancy sentiments.

Blinding 5 year olds with pellet guns, stopping ambulances and beating up patients (considered a war crime), damaging public and private property, can you not see where the hatred for India and its army is coming from?

The army has done a lot of wrong in Kashmir. When will the guilty be punished? What about families who lost their fathers and sons? What about those women whose dignity was stolen when the Indian army went on a rape rampage through Kashmiri villages?

I’m an Indian, but the crimes and human rights violations the Indian army have committed in Kashmir and what the Kashmiris have gone through, is just not cool.


the facts have been enumerated very clearly and concisely.
there is a need to bring about awareness of these facts to the politicians and people in general and academicians in particular who have based their theories on distorted facts and half truths . most importantly the tragedy of displacement of kashmiri pandits and hindu, sikhs living in the valley before 1990s need to be highlighted and the turmoils and struggles faced by them after migration with stoicness and patroitism needs to be appreciated by the people and political class of India.

The generalization here is downright childish.

Calm down dear. We being non resident of J&K, understand that we are just observers. Still, we would like to explain you in a better way. To go along is the best option for any Indian. We are already a large democracy who have flourished since 1947. We would like to happen it forever. For that to happen we need your support. We appreciate the person like you who has at least joined this type of community.

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Good point raised @OJ8681

Have to agree with you. But in Kashmir valley though, where separatism is rampant, doesn’t this generalisation hold some water? I don’t think the minority Sikhs, Hindus and Buddhists are fighting for a separate state there. And historically, it is a fact the Shias in Kashmir valley were persecuted and even massacred by Sunni invaders. Even today the Shia Ashura Procession has been banned by the almost 100% Sunni majority government in Kashmir.

Ref. about persecution of Shias by Sunni majority and how they have resisted separatism in Kashmir valley:

indian army is the reason that one day,north east will free itself from this contry india. indian army rapes,they should be killed. wether its arunachal or nagaland or manipur,it is only the bcoz of the intolerant indian army that we wanna seperate ourself. i feel the pain of kashmir…we are not here to keep quiet… a blood for blood for a justice.

iam from arunachal pradesh,we are by heart true indians but it is bcoz of indian army that we are gonna seperate ourself from india. indian army are the worst. they rapes our sisters,mothers,wives. army life crpf,itbp,afspa ,they know nothing but raping women and bringing chaos. in arunachal there is no militant,no bombing,only chaos are the indian army raping our relatives. i strongly feel the pain of kashmiri people. indian govt doesnt have right to force army. democracy means something too. for free arunachal and free north east against india. I FEEL YOU KASHMIRI PEOPLE…KHUN KA BADLA KHUN…

As one with Kashmiri and Arunachal roots I am thankful there is good out there - Indian armed forces and India. Not entirely impressed by government previously. Good points but also key to mention the entirely islamist imperialist supremacist and ISIS/Al Qaeda jihadist nature of the separatist cause. India and Indian armed forces are the guardian of righteousness, secularism and equality for all by gender, religion, race and culture (the numbers don’t lie and through thick and thin, India remains the most diverse at all levels). Unfortunately for jihadists/separatists equality is oppression and being able to annihilate everyone else is their version of “azadi”, as we have seen in pakistan (25% non-muslims annihilated to 1% overnight, and Pakistan occupied jammu, kashmir, gilgit, baltistan from Majority non-muslim to ZERO straight upon pakistan OCCUPATION). This must never be rewarded and indeed should be reversed. India should get back JKGB and pakistan needs to be delegitimised until it secularises and gives back land to the minorities and secular muslims.

I know separatists can’t make an evidence based argument about Kashmir. None of your assertions are based on evidence and they have already easily been proved wrong. separatists can’t even try to address any of the facts made in my earlier discussions. This is a farce that has gone too far because of Indian policies of appeasement and over-equality as well as pakistan/separatist atrocities. Any objective data/evidence like CENSUS data contradicts everything you say. There are plenty of kashmiris who are pro-Indian. separatists/pakstan have killed and forced out the real kashmiris who would support India. That is a stupid precedent to set for a farcical “referendum”. If India uses even 1/1000th of the same tactics as separatists and pakistan and murders and forces out the opposition then obviously 100% kashmiris will vote to be with India. Surely that is fair and in a separatist’s world they would be happy with that! In a secular democratic army they don’t tolerate renegade rape and killing as this multi-ethnic,multi-religious force can’t function; that’s a reason why Indian soldiers are forced to pray with each other irrespective of religion,race or any affiliation.By contrast The separatist terrorists and pakistani theocrats are homogenous wahabi sunnis who feel that rape and murder is halal in jehad (based on hundreds of historical examples of what happened to YOUR ancestors eg temur,mahmud of ghazni etc). Even if there have been odd bad acts committed by some individuals (which should be punished) it is totally at odds with Indian military ethos. In kashmirThe 29.000-80,000 estimated collateral (inc 10,000 security forces) have predominantly been killed by islamist terrorists, are separatist terrorists or caught in cross-fire purposefully drawn to them by the separatists using them as human shields. The Indian army does everything possible to ensure no innocent gets killed (afterall a peaceful kashmir means an easier and better life for them as well as secular kashmiris; the only group who lose are non-secular separatists who wouldn’t get funded/backed unless they can destroy the peace). However now compare it to the islamist separatists who have based on all evidence performed unprovoked atrocities at 10-100 times the scale with rape and murder being a speciality. Your insincerity and hypocrisy is evident as you ignore all that. That also includes ethnic cleansing, mass murder and rape and unprovoked attacks on security personnel. For the ethos of the backers of the separatists,pakistan, look no further than pakistan for an example murdering a verified 3 MILLION and raping 100,000 bengalis (at that time pak citizens and sunni muslim-majority) and genocide (as proven by census data and daily verified case reports) on own people in pakistan-occupied balochistan,sindh and pukhtunistan today…not forgetting pakistan-occupied Kashmir,gilgit&baltistan decimation (actively filling it with the punjabi ruling class and retired non-kashmiri military officials) by its punjabi-jehadist masters, shiite and ahmediyya genocide today. In kashmir (starting in pok and now even in valleys) there is but a trace left of non-muslims and secular muslims. According to British official census data Hindus and Sikhs were atleast 25% in current Pakistan-occupied territories pre-partition; after partition they were exterminated to less than 2.5% and it has steadily dropped to less than 1.5%. In Pakistan occupied Kashmir,gilgit and baltistan according to British census data many regions had majority Hindus/Sikhs/Buddhists;even Pakistan sources the major populous cities (eg mirpur, bhimbur and kotli) had “hindu majorities”. In Mirpur (registered under Jammu then) alone 50,000 innocent men,women and children had the worst evils of murder,rape and torture inflicted - all being murdered in 1 day - many herded into gurdwara’s as concentration camps. Whilst Pakistan systematically exterminated its minorities in a way statistically comparable only to Nazi-Germany’s pogrom of the jews (and bangadesh 71), Pakistan-occupied Kashmir,gilgit and baltistan is the apex of global intolerance where NOT EVEN A SINGLE HINDU,SIKH,BUDDHIST OR CHRISTIAN HAS BEEN ALLOWED TO BREATHE OR SURVIVE. According to their OWN census the population of hindu,sikh,buddhist or Christian, expected to total atleast 1-2million, is ZERO BY PERCENTAGE AND ABSOLUTE NUMBERS; it is the most genocidal territory in modern history. They are killing of shia and secular sunnis as we speak. So Pakistan’s only way to gain public opinions is to KILL OFF KASHMIRIS who are pro-Indian so they will have no voice., and replace them with pro-Pakistan, pre-dominantly NON-KASHMIRI groups - a perverse take on “self-determination” - a precedent which can never be allowed. By contrast throughout pre- and post- partition, statistics show all groups have numerical increases in non-occupied Kashmir, in India (except the non-muslim and shia minorities in the valleys who have been murdered with atleast 300,000 exodus). And you talk of HUMAN RIGHTS??? WHAT A JOKE! For every 1 person you name an injustice to, I can name 100 by separatists/pakstan If Indian state was even 1/100 as firm as it should be with separatists, there would have been no separatists left in valleys (just like KPs) - they too would be in refugee camps in pak (who would treat them like bangladeshis anyway); the rest would be cheering on India.Thanks to the Indian govt giving special rights for separatists including 10 times AID PER PERSON than ANY OTHER INDIAN STATE they can ethnically cleanse with impunity via article 370. And what about the cowardly human rights violations against the Indian security forces? Noone mentions that - they are mass murdered with impunity by jihadi terrorist separatists(who mix in with local KMs so security have to ensure innocents not hurt) and have no geneva conventions (eg beheading) given and terrorists get away with it (egymalik) when they should have been tried and executed ages ago. The real victims in kashmir, are the ones targetted by these separatist groups ie the Indian armed forces,all the minority communities (hindus/pandits,christians,sikhs and buddhists,zoroastrians),women, shiite and ahmediyya muslims as well as secular sunni muslims. The fact is as seen by India’s stable populations of anti-Indian elements but ANNIHILATION of pro-Indian elements (as seen in pakistan,pak-occupied Kashmir,and Kashmir valleys)…everyone can see who the real abusers of human rights are. Ultimately the fact is secular India is the country where ALL (with over 1000 different languages,cultures,religions,races) ARE EQUAL AND FREE…and what you want (and say you are “forced” not to have) is SUPREMACY for 1 GROUP AT THE ANNIHILATION OF ANOTHER (like Nazi Germany and unlike the 1000s of other groups in India who are happy with equality)…that must NEVER happen. It would encourage extremists all over the world (eg Bosnia,Sri Lanka…but at a larger, Pakistan-like scale) to DO THE SAME to each other and ANNIHILATE each other. Its time we called the separatists out for what they are – evil terrorists; you cannot find equivalence for them. Because of their fascist,nazi-supremacist,hate-filled,sadistic delusion, everyone is suffering. For the world to avoid encouraging further land grabs with complete atrocities and extermination of minority groups, they must back India’s claim of the whole of Kashmir and oppose all theo-fascist separatist causes worldwide (Russia,thailand,phillipines etc). pakistan’s (and pok,g,b) attitudes and systematic demographic annihilation processes demonstrate how appeasing separatists only empowers and fuels their hatred of all minority groups, which is the key threat to world peace. So for world peace, secular government must be declared a human-right,pakistan’s legitimacy should be questioned and India’s position must be backed.INDIA (including Jammu and Kashmir) IS FREE. Let us resolve to FREE PAKISTAN AND CHINESE OCCUPIED KASHMIR,GILGIT AND BALTISTAN (AND BALOCHISTAN). Again I repeat and extend the hand of brother and sisterhood. J&K should get rid of separatism/terrorism/wahabism and article 370 like all other Indian states and that will bring in industry and development so this 1 state be a shining example of multi-culturalism like rest of India (eg Kerala,Maharashtra). We must support free secular India to remain and develop as the future and only country of ALL races,religions,cultures and people.

I fully endorse your views.Those small boys who throw stones at Indian security agencies doesn’t even know the history of Pakistan and they are being used as pawn by them like how Pakistani terrorists use orphaned boys as suicide bombers after years of brainwashing. If Pakistan is so much caring for Muslims living in India - they first care to alleviate the sufferings of Palestinians.