LGBT (NOT - Low Gluten Bread Toast) - About Human Dignity

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Apparently there are some in this intelligent world who don’t know what LGBT stands for - so for these enlightening souls LGBT - Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender

So, orange alert in Delhi and North India - And no this time it’s not terrorists nor is it related in any way to Pakistan or China although we would love that and no Rahul Gandhi is not giving an interview to Arnab Goswami and no this not Trump’s hair either - It’s the old dragon in a new avatar HEATWAVE and it’s being a pain in the place where you don’t want pain. We are hearing about people getting sick due to heat stroke and some even passing on due to the intensity and of course all this is “definitely - definitely not” related to global warming and rising pollution levels and dwindling green cover and scarcity of water - yeah I’m being sarcastic, just in case you missed. Anyway, it’s bad and there’s pretty much nothing we can do when mother nature feels bitchy not even Donald Trump in all his virtue do anything to stop it.

Talking about waves, I was going through Facebook the other day and was reading about the wave of homophobia which has gripped people across the world but is not widely talked about. The LGBT issues have been going around for a while now. There has been rallies and protest both for and against, around the issue in a lot of countries. Now there is open support even from the President of the USA and last week President Obama declared and very rightly so that the “LGBT rights are HUMAN RIGHTS” and yes in all the controversy and confusion surrounding the issue we have ignored the simple fact that the LGBT community is also a part of the human population and they are human beings and a part of the human race genetically. So denying them the basic rights and imposing archaic restrictions on them is criminal. I believe in inclusiveness and that an individual’s sexual orientation and preferences should not be a factor in determining intelligence or individual capability nor should be a factor for education and evaluation of a person’s credibility. Now the most prominent argument has always been that this goes against the laws of nature and what nature intended. But at some point in the past a group white people thought of the black population as inferior due to the shape of their skull and now we all agree that argument was as stupid as the reasons for not giving voting rights to women or keeping the legal age for drinking alcohol at 25 and marriageable age as 18/21 basis your gender or Donald Trump building a wall on the US-Mexico border.

The Article 377 controversy in India has been the forefront of all LGBT-related discussions incredibly the fact that this is a colonial era 1860 law should be a reason enough to re-examine the code. But changing the law and re-examination is a big goal but the difference only comes when there is a widespread acceptance socially and culturally in the society which should start with the government both centre and state including the LGBT community in all areas where gender is concerned. Then spreading awareness and education at all levels to promote inclusion. Granted that there will still be a sizable population not accepting this inclusiveness but that will only be because we are a society that is in transition in a very fast changing world and all the psychological changes required will happen but it will not be fast and it will not be smooth.

Imagine between 1947 -2016 our society has dealt with a massive amount of change and in all fairness we have come a long way on a lot of major issues progressively but a lot more needs to be done in terms of gender sensitization and inclusiveness at a social and community level. We have reached a stage where a third gender is recognised and protected by law but the creases of the related issues need to be ironed out because this is something that is not just a phase and you can’t just pretend it’s not there and nor can you term it as an influx western culture and against “Indian values” whatever that means - but this discussion is about human beings and human dignity and welfare of humanity so what we need is more education, inclusiveness and recognition without the archaic biases which largely inhibits society.

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