Match Analysis: T20 World Cup 2016 - WI vs Eng Finals

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Windies do look good. But can never say what surprises the match may throw up and that’s what makes this finals as exciting as any other match including the recent Ind Vs WI. Feel this is going to be another nail biter finish going until the last over of the second innings given both the teams form.

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One helluva match… Now windies r taking masterclass on how to take the game deep and hit those monstrous sixes outta the park… I thought Roy would smack em tonight, but it was that man Carlos brathwaite… He has been hitting sixes all thru this tournament to get windies ashore… Nd he did it again…24 runs in 4 balls of the best death bowler of Brit…

The windies have done it… They won the u-19 WC, the women won the t20earlier today and the men just finished the deal in style…#champions for the next 4years

The west indies have done really well. Really really well this tournament. I do not follow the women’s cricket and not sure how they played but I think this is a new resurgent west indies that’s coming back into the cricketing stage after a very long waning period. It would be the team to watch in all forms of the sport from now on.