Mundina Nildana (2019) - The next stop: A Kannada Movie

To talk about this movie, I am going to quote what was said in the movie itself - “There is no clear right or wrong decision in life. Every decision takes you through the next travel itinerary in life “

I saw this movie in amazon prime recently and was glad to have seen this wonderful creation. I found it to be a very subtle movie about 3 different characters. The casting choice is to the T. Supporting actor, Ajay Raj as the friend of movie hero has done his job pretty well. Stunning visuals, scenic Sukleshpura backdrops, truly a visual treat from nature.

The movie takes slices out of our everyday life and livestreams it with the actors, the spotlight is on how our current generation deals with emotions, career and passion. Realistic touch and closer to our life storyline is what kept me captive throughout the movie.

No spoiler in the review I hope :slight_smile: Enjoy the movie :slight_smile:


Very enticing review! Thanks for posting it on We have edited your review including a link to the trailer to the movie and a song from the movie. You can remove them if they are out of place.

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