My talk at Bill & Melinda gates foundation about key to innovation

Discussing Key to Innovation- @Grand Challenges Meet with Mr. Bill Gates , Ms. Sue Desmond-Hellmann of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,Seattle, USA.
Full video coming soon! Video Credits: @Grand Challenges

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Great message and conveyed very well. You are great sir. And thanks for posting here. Hope you can engage our members when they post you questions.

This is awesome advice. These three quotes (am paraphrasing) summarize it very well.

I consider people of this world in three categories: uneducated, little educated, and surplus educated. When little educated can do something, what’s the use of being surplus educated?

a school dropout that is me is now guest lecturing in Harvard, Stanford etc.

Be an innovator. Don’t use your education just to survive. Do something to transform the world.

Coming from you, this is sure to inspire many to do, contribute at least a little and change the world.

Wow. What a golden piece of advice. Kudos to this and your work! Frankly I don’t know about you until I see this and am really inspired by what you have done. Those who are like me please read this and watch his TED talk!!