Name a few unique things famous in your state that others may not know about?

What are some of the famous things which are unique to your state in India? Stuff those others may not have heard of or know. It need not be only tourist places. You can talk about culture, customs, people, society, sports anything that is famous from your state.

State name: Uttar Pradesh

Jalesar: A town famous for casting brass bells that you may see on those fat cows in lovely green pastures of Switzerland and New Zealand. Jalesar, a small town with a population of around 40,000 in Etah district of UP is well known around here for casting these brass bells and exporting it around the world.

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I am from Chattisgarh. We have this famous thing here called Chapura. Anyone know what is that?

It is a spicy pickle made from ants. Yes! You heard right. We collect ants from their nests on trees in the local forest and crush them, along with their egg to make a paste. Mix it with red chili and ginger. It is very spicy because the ants have some acid that makes it so. But it is also little sweet. Have it with local beer is an amazing to experience everyone should try. :slight_smile: :blush:

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Tamilnadu: Nalvar (4 poets ) - Thirunyanasammanthar, Thirunavukarasar, Sundararajan, Manikavasagar. The collection of their literary work is known as Thirumurai. There are 12 Tirumurais (in Tamizh we call it Pannirutirumurai, meaning 12 Tirumurais). Each poem is named as Padigam. Most of them are temple specific (ancient Shiva temples) and there are common Padigams as well.

All of them are on lord Shiva. Padigams written by first 3 are known as Tevaram and Padigams that were written by Manikavasagar is known as Tiruvasagam.


Nice information about TN @Anagha_Veeranarayana. Though from the state, I had no idea about the Nalvar. Thanks for posting this.

By the way, in Tamil Nadu we have the traditional roly-poly toy or wobble head doll called Thalaiatti Bommai from the Thanjavur region. These are protected by the Indian govt. as a geographical indication, so nobody outside Tanjore can produce and sell it by that name.

Thank you @Aravind. Oh yeah, Thalaiaati Bommai - pride of Tanjavur. :smile: