No-glamour bollywood movies - 2000 and onwards

It’s always an interesting topic. Which movies do you think are a must-watch, released in or after the year 2000? The criteria of course is that the movie relies on story-telling and acting as opposed to glamour.

I am not a Bollywood buff, but I thoroughly enjoyed Gangs of Wasseypur for my English class. I also enjoyed Peepli [Live], among more which I can recall. A Wednesday was worthy as well, but I did not get-along with the monotonous Monsoon Wedding - perhaps out of my ignorance and dislike for Indian wedding processions.

I am not a Bollywood buff either and seldom watch movies. The few no-glamour movies that come to my mind are

Rang de Basanti - the filmmaking is brilliant in many aspects from direction to screenplay to the performance of the actors, the story and there’s a good sense of humor throughout the movie.

Barfi - Ranbir’s performance is brilliant, there’s no glamour in the raw love story of his or Illeana D’Cruz. Priyanka Chopra plays her role so well you are left wondering if other directors are not using her talent to her best potential. The best thing about this movie is the character development and how the story unfolds as you piece it together as you watch. It is brilliant!

Gangs of Wasseypur for your English class? That’s interesting. Let us know more!

Peepli was great, I agree. And I would add many other Aamir Khan movies to the list. 3 Idiots, Rang de Basanti, Taare Zameen Par and Bombay Talkies. All of them well made and not much drama / glamour with great performances.