Pakistan is now a 21st century colony of China

Pakistan’s Govt is saying Chinese firms have inflated various project costs by up to $3 billion even as China gives Pakistan more loans to have better control over its finances and thereby the Government.

There are many power projects that Chinese companies are doing for Pakistan to help power their own expansion inside Pak and better exploit its resources. Does it ring a bell? Let me help - it was the strategy of EIC and British Empire!

While China funds these power projects with soft loans in billions, it knows Pak cannot repay them. So using renegotiation, China then gets other favors to control Pak more, like get land, port, and military deals etc.

For example, Pakistan has given away Skardu airfield in Kashmir to Chinese J-10 squadron. This means any war on India by China will mean Pakistan will get pulled into it they want it or not. Every Pakistani will bear costs for a Chinese war on India. Think about it!

Now, if Pakistan somehow raises money from IMF or US to pay back China, the Chinese companies increase costs for the electricity sold from these power plants. So basically Pakistani people are losing money, land, and sovereignty to the Chinese imperialists on a daily basis.

It is really a pathetic situation for the Pakistanis.

If anyone brings up the comparison of US imperialism when talking about Chinese colonialism, please let them know that Pakistan had been under the influence of the US both diplomatically and militarily for much of its existence.

Sure, it had to bear some costs for helping the US win the Afghan war using terrorism. But most of the time Pakistan only benefited with the US as an ally, in escaping sanctions for using terrorism, and also economically.

And here’s this neo-imperialist, neo-colonist China to which Pakistan has already sold its sovereignty, economy, land, and even its women in just the last few years. It won’t be too long it sells its soul and becomes a slave, subjugated not just economically by neo-nazi China but ethnically as well.