Probably it is time north Indians start learning south Indian languages now

After reading the following article, I am amused by the thought it may soon become necessary for north Indians to learn Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. In fact, most of my friends are of the opinion south Indians should learn Hindi. Because it is a ‘national language’ by intuition, even though it isn’t really as per the constitution. Though this mentality has been there for long, I don’t think south Indians learning Hindi en masse is ever going to happen. Simply because economics doesn’t necessitate it. They are much better off than the Hindi belt and except for business people who have to travel north from the south, there isn’t really need for others to come here so as to learn Hindi. While the trend now is a migration down south from the Hindi and cow belt for labour.

It should be like we should be able to adapt to the city we move to…Although Hindi is not our national language, it would help us a lot…Having said that trying to force Hindi on others is something that should be avoided. Also the same applies for any Non-south person as well…We should rather try to adapt

Even I was facing this problem when I was in karnataka tumkur district they asked me to learn Kannada instead of speaking in hindi. I learned few but the question is why they don’t respect hindi as a mother language.

Who are these “they”? Aren’t they also Indians. But Indian does not mean someone who speaks Hindi as mother language. Just as American does not mean a white, English speaking person. So instead of expecting anyone to treat Hindi as mother language when their mother tongue is not Hindi, learn to accept the diversity of India and adapt. You may request a non-Hindi speaker in your Hindi heartland to learn and speak Hindi but do not expect them to learn and speak Hindi in their land.