Reinventing the Indian railways by Suresh Prabhu: A TEDx talk

In his talk Shri Suresh Prabhu talks about how he is aiming to reinvent the Indian railways by providing the better solution to today’s problems. Suresh Prabhu is an Indian Politician & current Railway Minister of India. Armed with education, ability, understanding, high integrity and zero corruption he wants to get the job of modernizing Indian railways done.

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Love this guy. Hats off sir. You are doing a great job

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During Vajpayee and Kalam’s time, there was a talk of a developed and powerful India by 2020. They didn’t foresee a ten year socialist and very corrupt Congress rule in between for sure. Now the present BJP govt. is talking about a developed India by 2030 in every area from agriculture to railways. Surely achievable. There is an aim, ambition, and able administration. But do they think they will be in power until then? Sounds impossible to me. So let’s take away another ten years in between. At this rate, we should achieve something before I die, hopefully.