Role of Ideology in social sciences research & eventually in a nation's human discourse

In times where some great debates (on a wide variety of topics: nationalism, inequality, intolerance, etc.) is pursued, a young mind gets inquisitive, may be even prejudiced, into believing what it reads/views and interprets as true. The same mind when delves deeper into national history - the politics, policies, actions, reactions towards various challenges finds it all corroborating, but the rational mind also tries to look at the ‘dark side of the moon’ and may find it all a little too ideologically befitting to be true.

A deliberation is required now. The mind needs to develop a wider perspective, to weigh the ideas and concepts that are brought to it and develop an opinion, and that is all I seek here.
Indian film industry rarely gets me intrigued, while challenging my prejudice that a movie cannot be an agent of social change and may be it can’t but what it can do is start a discussion. Here I would request all open thinkers to watch the trailer to a film that appears audacious-outrageous in the very attempt.

But what I want to understand is how much of what appears in a 3-minute video is true.

And if it is, how has this happened. How has/could the ideology conquered the issue? Also, I raise the central question: What is and what should be the role of ideology in social sciences research & eventually in a nation’s human discourse

Bro, interesting post. Let me watch the trailer and get back. Is this a film you did? Btw, I think this post and posts like these should have a better forum than #news @Admin what do you say?

I watched the trailer and got an impression the movie is about social change. Especially by young people of the country. And has some added Naxalite masala. But don’t see any way to describe it with adjectives such as audacious, outrageous, shocking, etc. It looks like these were used for some effects.

Are you related to this movie in any way except for as a viewer?

@aravind yes, agree #news is not the right forum for these kinds of posts. We can create something specific to such discussions. But am not sure if posts of this nature would come under the category of films or something else like society. @thedarkwoods can perhaps suggest.

And also, I do not seem to understand your question regarding this trailer. Are you saying you have this prejudice that movies can’t be an agent for social change but somehow hope this could be, given its powerful attempt?

@Admin hmm. I intended a deliberation/opinion-building over larger societal perspectives with the current events, Facts in News and the trailer in the backdrop, as an ice-breaker. We could have a section of Op-Ed or society. but I think you would be a better judge of it.

Assuming the question is directed to me, let . First up movie’s becoming of an agent of social change is in itself a big and separate debate(some arguments of for/against a censor board’s existence, the critically acclaimed-commercial hit dichotomy,etc prove the point). If you agree I can write a separate post touching the issue.
Let me know if you feel a point doesn’t hold water.

Ok, I understand what you are saying. Excellent post for an ice breaker thread. Yes, we would be happy to see you start a new post touching the issues you have mentioned above. The community is nascent. So you need to be patient to see users trickle in and carry forward a discussion on your posts. I have elevated your trust level. So you may invite your friends by clicking the “invite” button below the topics you start.

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Absolutely agree! And thanks for the trust!
Hope to garner all types of thinkers to contribute.

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Hey @aravind , Thanks for the info on TN elections analysis post. And I hope I answered your queries in general. In particular, my cousin is associated with the movie and showed me the trailer that intrigued me.

That’s nice to hear your relative is involved in this movie. I think and believe movies can be and are agents of change. Waiting for your thread on that subject to elaborate more. As for this movie, I will definitely watch it when it comes out. My hindi js weak but I guess I can manage :slight_smile: