Should article 370 be repealed? - A debate

This is a long but good debate on article 370, and if it should be repealed. Watch three eminent lawyers, academics and politicians talk about their view and interpretation of article 370 in a civilized and intellectual debate. Do register your own thoughts on the debate and on article 370 below by hitting the reply button. Note, the debate is about 1.5 hours long, if you are short on time see the shorter version below.

Shorter version:

Article 370 should have been repealed by our new government as soon as it was voted to power with historic mandate. There shouldn’t be an excuse. Repealing of article 370 will hit 2 birds with 1 stone a) integration of masses of Jammu & Kashmir into mainstream India b) bringing in development to the state which will wean off youngsters from terrorism. Repealing article 370 is the need of the hour, it’s like the archaic law which is hindering the progress of our nation building process.

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Those are good points to justify the repeal cause. But why do you think the govt. has been unable to do it? What does it take in the parliament to get this done and are there any political considerations why the central govt. would not want to repeal it?