Should there be reservations or not?

Can we have a group discussion about reservations, should there be reservations in India or not?

I believe reservations are certainly necessary. But based on economic factors rather than caste or community. This will serve two purposes. One, it will help the economically underprivileged - having been so for generations, to lift their head up. Because a son or daughter in their family now has got a job, or education because of reservation. And two, there will be no competition among different castes or communities asking for reservation or increasing their percentage because the other is getting so much or so.

Now, the issue is any reservation will erode the role of merit. Merit is important if you want the top notch people in every job and sector working for the country. It is the natural survival of the fittest rule to how education and employment should work. But I also feel there’s a need to balance this with providing opportunities for people without the means to even get smart. Once they break the barrier, next generations will benefit.

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I hate reservations in India. Our country was not divided by Britishers but it is divided by our own people by casteism. I feel the pain when I use to pay highest amount for banking and other vacancies and other castes shud pay just 100Rs or nill how disgusting this system is I m really against this system and request goverment to do something in this case on a serious node.