Stray dog menace in our cities highlighted in an international event

Wasihan, an elite 10k runner, was leading the International Marathon in Bengaluru when he got bit by a stray dog. That ended his run, a very likely win and has probably halted his career for some time.

Around the same time, the Supreme Court agreed to examine an anomaly in law that discriminates between a stray animal and a pet. The law presently stipulates a fine of Rs 50 for the killing of a stray while a similar offence against a house pet can attract a jail term of up to five years. The petition was by animal activists who are against killing and cruelty to stray dogs.

Now, this brings us to questions like what is the administration in our cities going to do to stop such stray dog menace? When are our roads going to become safe and free of dangerous animals that we can walk and run freely? If a stray dog were to chase you to attack and if you were to injure it would you have to pay dearly for this?