Sustainable Solutions - A Better World

S 1 E 5 Sustainable Solutions - A Better World

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We made it through the week. The weekend was a busy time I washed my Enfield , Got my car cleaned as well(finally) and added a temporary fix to the speakers in my car. Temporary as in “jugaad” where I hooked up my home theatre speakers to the car audio system and it worked!

Voila, Me a Genius!!! If there one thing I know, we Indians are just amazing on the “jugaad” front. But that’s not a big help on the international stage and in a globalized environment it just does not make the cut. We need to have sustainable solutions to all the problems that we face everyday.

Sustainability is not a word that gets added to white papers, senior management and the developmental sector - it’s required and that too necessarily in everyday life. And this goes with another word - Solutions. And when we add these two important words together we get Sustainable Solutions. Now let’s apply this to real world - what does it mean?

In my opinion, we as individuals in all our everyday lives face some challenges. these challenges faced are scenarios that may be small or large but they are not unsolvable. Actually, no problem in reality is unsolvable, at some point in the future we would have the ability to the solve the current issues faced which may seem impossible. So coming back to the Sustainable Solutions, the daily dose of crisis that we see around is due to a domino effect of events and problems caused by haphazard decisions of individuals across regions and timelines. My theory is that when we apply sustainable solutions to every decision that we take we minimise the downstream negative impacts which will arise out of the decision - I say “WILL” because there are impacts to every decision which cannot be avoided that’s the rule of nature. If you have read this try it out, before you make your next move or take your next decision, however small that it may be, take a few seconds to consider Sustainable Solutions review your action at a later relevant point and see if it worked out better than it normally would have. Sustainable Solutions help build a Sustainable Future - A Better World.

Over the weekend I was watching John Oliver on YouTube +Lastweek Tonight and the episode that caught my attention this time was about the Food wastage - If you’ve got some time for it then watch

The episode focuses mainly on the US consumer but if we multiply it into the global context then it is sad to know that we do not have a mechanism to control this wastage or channelize the surplus food to benefit poorer societies. We’ll talk more on this as we go along. But for now, John Oliver nailed it! @iamjohnoliver

On a personal front I connected with another friend of mine on Facebook this time a school friend and that made me remember my school days the wonder years - probably not as great as college but still fun. My friends have kids! I knew them as kids all of us in school uniforms, playing lunch box cricket, crushing over the wrong people and making mistakes that when I look back seem incredibly idiotic, worrying about things that seem so naive and insignificant and now they have kids! How time flies - and I’m left wondering what’s next!

Life is full of surprises and time keeps astonishing me over and over again!

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