Tamil Nadu Elections 2016 thread

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I am keenly following TN assembly elections 2016. I find that many opinion polls are suggesting a good win for AIADMK headed by Jayalalitha, if not a clean sweep. But am skeptical. I have some reasons to believe DMK has more than a fair chance to form the next govt.

  • Anti-Incumbency: This is a reality and AIADMK has to face it. So this is going to erode its votes. AIADMK is fighting not just anti-incumbency but also a trend of the electorate opting for an alternative DMK-AIADMK to get all they want

  • The flooding tide: The tide against AIADMK is also due to the recent floods after which people have formed a general opinion that the govt. did not do well because Amma did not come out like other politicians while Amma stickers have caused further bad feelings

  • Stalin’s excellent campaign: Stalin seems to have managed a superb ground level campaign starting from the time of floods to “namaku name” before the onset of election campaigning to at present

  • Stalin as change himself: DMK’s image is untrustworthy and corrupt but now that Stalin has emerged as the strong leader and successor to Karunanidhi, there will be confidence among people to vote for him and expect change

So with all these factors stacked up against AIADMK and with election dates nearing with Amma not managing to put up a spectacular election campaign like before owing to poor health I guess, DMK has all the right factors to win this election.

I am not familiar with TN elections but yes all opinion polls seem to suggest a win for the ruling party headed by Amma.

Something else I found interesting is in TN the parties, as well as the election commission are now using Apps to inform and educate voters.

If a large number of people download these, I guess the apps will converge to the right forums for people to bring about change. Provided they offer some place to register complaints with their local MLAs, and there’s some good AI involved in pushing frequent and widespread complaints to the higher ups.

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I have read the manifestos of the major parties in Tamilnadu. What all of them have in common are prohibition and the freebies. From free electricity of 100 units by AIADMK to free bus travel, by PMK to free Internet & WIFI, by DMK to free milk by the newly formed PWF coalition. And these are just some of the freebies promised. Their manifestos are full of such freebie promises and reduced rates on many essential goods. Here I am summarizing and attaching the manifestos of these main political parties for those interested to read.

DMK Key Promises:
M. Karunanidhi is being projected as its chief minister candidate. And I guess his son MK Stalin, the star campaigner of DMK for this election will be the executioner of govt. duties, given Karunanidhi’s age, with a title of deputy CM.

  1. All lakes/water bodies to be de-silted
  2. Powerloom to get 750 units of power free
  3. Free Internet for students
  4. Sethu Samudram Canal Project to be revived
  5. Law to implement Prohibition
  6. Aavin milk price to be reduced by Rs 7
  7. Rs. 1 lakh funding for entrepreneurs
  8. Uninterrupted electricity to be provided
  9. Education loan of college students to be written off
  10. Cell phones at subsidised rates for free
    Full Manifesto: http://dmk.in/dmk2016Manifesto_English.pdf

AIADMK Key Promises:
J. Jayalalitha heads AIADMK and will be its chief ministerial candidate.

  1. 100 unit free electricity to every household
  2. Employment for one from every family
  3. Monetary assistance for fishermen to be hiked to Rs 5000
  4. Free laptops for class 11 and class 12 students with free internet connection
  5. Working women to get 50 per cent subsidy for buying scooters
  6. Amma – Financial assistance to pregnant ladies will be raised to Rs 18000. The manifesto also promises nine months maternity leave.
  7. Under free meals scheme, all children will be provided morning breakfast
  8. Old pension scheme for Govt employees to continue, Housing loan for government employees to be raised to Rs.40 lakh
  9. One sovereign gold (8 gm) as marriage assistance
  10. Aavin milk price at Rs 25 per liter
    Full manifesto: https://goo.gl/qqnKXr

PWF Key Promises:
PWF has MDMK, CPI, CPI(M) and the VCK with Vijayakant-led DMDK and G K Vasan’s TMC as alliance partners. It had also announced that Mr. Vijayakant was the Chief Ministerial candidate.

  1. Preserve 69% reservation, expand reservation in the private sector
  2. Oppose Hindutva, religious extremism, and religious prosecution
  3. Implement Lokayukta
  4. Promote folk arts - establish a university to develop folk arts
  5. Support Sri Lankan Tamils in pursuit of justice and rights
  6. Homes and homelessness - provide homes for all without homes
  7. Introduce minimum wage of ₹ 15,000 per month
  8. provide safe drinking water, develop underground sewage system
  9. Stop online derivatives and futures trading activities
  10. Free land for poor farmers and laborers
    Polciies: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/People's_Welfare_Front
    (I could not get hold of their manifesto, if anyone can find it please reply with link)

PMK Key Promises:
Dr. Anbumani Ramdoss will be its chief ministerial candidate.

  1. 100% reservation in education. All castes will have a portion based on the population.
  2. Private school fees to be regulated
  3. Education standard to be improved to the level of CBSE and better
  4. Waive all education and farm loans
  5. Revive, improve and modernize agriculture
  6. Chennai to Coimbatore will become major health/IT/BPO sector
  7. Coast to be developed for business with international warehousing hubs
  8. Total liquor prohibition across the state
  9. All primary healthcare centers to be improved to 24x7 facilities
  10. 1-liter free milk to new mothers for a year
    Full manifesto: http://www.anbumani4cm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Manifesto-Synopsis-English.pdf

Overall, I think PMK and PWF are less on freebies and more on development. PMK seems to have a particular focus on education and healthcare with some excellent schemes proposed. PWF has solid plans for agriculture, labor and is concentrated on promoting Tamil culture and traditional practices. I would like to edit this post with the manifesto of BJP, Naam Tamizhar too when I find time. If you would like, do reply with the most important points from their manifestoes too.

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Though made in jest, this is rather pathetic to watch. RJ Balaji, a famous radio jockey and social activist from chennai questions a bunch of young people from the city on political affairs. And these people have either just finished their MBAs, engineering or doctorate or in the course of finishing - all eligible to vote. They do not even seem to know who’s the president of our country or what is a simple majority in the parliament.

I think it is high time the students in our colleges and universities across India are given general, political and current affairs knowledge lessons.