"The Jungle Book" movie review

“The Jungle Book” is a wonderful movie. Animations are very realistic. It’s more of a thriller and action without violence. 90s kids (i am included) who watched it as cartoon in DD National can relate to it more emotionally as we get reminded of the story in every frame. I enjoyed the movie completely. I will watch it with my son once i am back in Chennai. I am sure he will enjoy and become a fan of Mowgli, as we know him popularly. — Locally saying “Thaaru maara iruku” It is atrocious to give U/A for this movie when nonsense of popular actors with violence and vulgar are given U!

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i just loved mowgli! :heart_eyes: he’s tooo cute n adorable! :kissing_closed_eyes: n so wr all d animals in d movie! it’s like… all of them suddenly became so close to me…thanks to d nostalgia! :grinning: but i have to admit 1 thing - sher khan was mind blowingly scary! :fearful: i cud feel my heart racing everytime he made an appearance! that voice…d stance…so majestic! yet terrifying! (never has a children’s movie villian scare me so much! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:) kudos to d makers for bringing out d charachterisitcs so well! even mowgli’s sweet, innocent face is pleasantly haunting! :innocent: all in all this movie is worth every penny of d ticket money! you’ll feel happy n satisfied wn u come out :innocent: every 90’s kid like me will give it a try, purely driven by nostalgia! :innocent: whenever i think of mowgli d song “jungle jungle baat chali hai pata chala hai” invariably plays in mind. n makes me wish i NEVER grew up!! :grinning: :cry:


@Shivar so did you get to watch it with your son?

I would give a 3 star out of 5 rating for this movie. All the three stars for the animation and screenplay which were superb. What disappointed me was the storyline. I would have wished it to be more like Rudyard Kipling’s novel. I know Disney introduced the monkey king character long back and made some efforts with this movie to show him as the extinct Gigantopithecus to make it realer that an Orangutan like ape can live in Indian jungles. But in my opinion, that was unnecessary. I would have loved to see more of Sher Khan.

Yes, I too felt that the giant monkey scene was unnecessary. Instead, they could have shown more of Sher Khan vs Mowgli.