The Novel Coronavirus Experience Project

We have started this thread for you to reply with your own story of being affected by the Wuhan virus from China aka Novel Coronavirus or Covid-19. We hope this will help a lot of people understand Covid-19 better and get treatment sooner. No matter how affected you were, it would be very helpful to others if you can post your story below as a reply. Please write about your experience including the following information or answering these questions if possible:

  1. Your age, gender, and location?

  2. Your first symptoms?

  3. How your symptoms progressed?

  4. What did you do when you felt symptoms?

  5. Did family members get affected?

  6. How do you think you caught the virus?

  7. How did you get tested? What method (PCR/Anti-body)?

  8. Did you get admitted in a hospital?

  9. Any serious complications?

  10. How was the recovery and what is your advice to others?

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I am copy pasting this post already posted elsewhere. Hope it helps.

I tested positive in June and have just been given the go-ahead to stop self-isolating. I tracked my symptoms and some vitals and thought Iā€™d share my experience:

25-ish male; no medical history; non-smoker; BMI ~23; moderately active; blood type B+ (in case that matters).

6/23 (Day 0):

Woke up and noticed I had an intermittent and very mild "tight" feeling deep towards the back of my throat. Seemed to be worsened by swallowing and walking around for a bit. It was so mild and somewhat different in character than any prior illness, so I did not think I was actually sick. I quarantined from work just in case.

No fever, chills, cough, sneezing, congestion, loss of smell/taste, or any other symptoms.

Temperature was <99.0F on multiple checks throughout the day. It seemed like my typical baseline range so I did not keep exact records most days.

6/24 (Day 1):

Symptoms unchanged. Scheduled a COVID19 test for Friday.

Temperature <99.0F

6/25 (Day 2):

Sore throat is slightly more noticeable, still coming and going a few times per day.

Temperature <99.0F

6/26 (Day 3):

Onset of headache. Intermittent mild and dull pain around my temples bilaterally with a sort of mental 'foggy'/fatigued feeling.

Sore throat unchanged. No other symptoms.

Tested for COVID19 via nasopharyngeal swab.

Temperature <99.0F

6/27 (Day 4):

I begin to feel like my neck is swollen slightly, though I cannot identify any specific tender or enlarged lymph nodes (probably just bad at palpating). There is also a persistent "hot" feeling under my jaw around the sub-mandibular salivary glands bilaterally. A bit worse on the left side.

Other symptoms persist unchanged.

Temperature reached 99.0F around 2100 (was <99.0F most of the day).

6/28 (Day 5):

Sore throat has improved somewhat since yesterday. Headache unchanged. Neck still feels swollen.

Received confirmation of positive COVID-19 test from Day 3.

Temperature was 97.8F 1 hour after waking. 98.9F at 1300.

6/29 (Day 6):

Two episodes of sudden non-radiating substernal chest pain lasting for several minutes each. Felt like tightness/squeezing. Had spicy Indian food earlier though.

My neck and head feel hot most of the day. Very weird sensation.

Sore throat worsening again but unchanged in character.

Neck swelling feels worsened but still cannot palpate specific lymph nodes. Uncomfortable.

Headache still intermittent and very mild. 'Foggy'/fatigued feeling worsened throughout the day.

Temperature reached 99.3F at 1500. 98.8F at 1700

Other vitals (1730): BP 130/70, rate 80 BPM, SpO2 98% (baseline 120/80, ~75 BPM, 98-99%)

6/30 (Day 7):

Sore throat and headache significantly improved.

No chest pain.

Other symptoms unchanged in character but generally improved.

Temperature <99.0F.

7/1 (Day 8):

Coughed a couple of times. Felt need to clear throat. Nothing serious.

No shortness of breath

Sore throat and neck swelling worsened again. Character unchanged.

Headache returned.

Temperature <98F.

Had a few of drinks at home later at night (very bad idea).

7/2 (Day 9):

Sore throat, neck swelling, headache significantly worsened.

Feels like there is constant pressure all around my upper neck below my jaw.

Head and neck still feel hot as if inflamed, but not hot to touch.

Feels more difficult to focus but I'm not sure.

Much of this is probably due to hangover.

No coughing.

Vitals at 1300: BP 115/70, Rate 85 BPM, SpO2 98%.

Temperature 98.4F.

7/3 (Day 10):

Symptoms improved from yesterday but sore throat, neck swelling headache, and 'fogginess' still present and unchanged in character.

Temperature <99.0F.

7/4 (Day 11):

All symptoms improved. Feeling almost normal.

No headache today.

Temperature <99.0F

7/5 (Day 12):

Sore throat, neck swelling, headache disappeared completely.

Foggy feeling still persists. Definitely feels difficult to focus but it's possible that it is just psychosomatic or related to being cooped up for so long.

Temperature <99.0F.

7/6 (Day 13):

I feel fine.

Temperature <99.0F.

7/7 (Day 14):

I feel fine aside from some difficulty focusing.

Temperature <99.0F.

7/8 (Day 15):

Still feeling "foggy". No other symptoms.

I stopped monitoring my temperature at this point because it seemed obvious I was not going to develop a fever.

7/9 (Day 16):

Unchanged from yesterday. Feeling fine except for that damn weird foggy feeling.

7/10 (Day 17):


7/11 (Day 18 - today):

Have not had any physical symptoms for 1 week.

I still feel difficulty focusing every day. It seems to be waxing and waning. Maybe I'm getting depressed and that's contributing? Maybe it's a side-effect of binging Stargate and Family Guy? Maybe it's COVID19-related? I hope it is not permanent...

Vitals at 1600: BP 120/80, rate 75 BPM, SpO2 98-99%.

Temperature 98.8F right now.

Stuff I did while sick:

I did not leave my room except for food and necessities. I carried a spray bottle of 70% alcohol with me and liberally sprayed everything I came into contact with.

I took 50mg Zinc, 500mg Vitamin C, and a common multivitamin once daily starting at Day 0, and was taking these occasionally prior to Day 0. I gargled tonic water containing quinine a couple of times daily (I do not advise that anyone do any of this because I am not a doctor and as far as I know there is no proof that these have been effective in treating or preventing COVID19).

I did not use any analgesics/anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen, Acetaminophen, opioid cough syrup, etc.) at any point.

My diet and sleeping habits did not change significantly. I did spend much more time in bed though.

I am definitely lucky in that I did not develop severe symptoms. In fact, under normal circumstances I would not have believed I was sick for the first several days and could easily have infected my roommates, family, and coworkers. Luckily, all of my contacts tested negative after I began isolating and none have shown any symptoms, so isolating as soon as any new symptoms appear is critical.

Has anyone else felt like they have had lasting neurological problems? Has it improved?

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