distributes happiness to poor kids

This is a video from our 1st donation of 100 T-shirts to these poor Kids.

All those who have money can buy clothes for themselves but there are millions of children in India who are surviving extreme temperatures without proper clothes. Thecityfans,com came up with an initiative ‘One for you, One from you’ which means for every T-shirt you buy, we donate a T-shirt to a poor kid in need.

One for one is a thought, an initiative to connect and bring people together for a social cause and to create an impact in society by providing clothes and basic amenities to the needy. Till today our country suffers with 4 basic necessities namely food, clothing, home and education. One for you, One from you is an initiative to provide help to the poor kids who go through extreme conditions and hardships in life. is the first company in India to work on such initiative with a one for one cause. Hence, every time you buy a T-shirt, TCF will donate a new T-shirt to a poor kid, more and more people are joining hands with us.

Disclosure: I am the co-founder of
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Great! Initiative. I would love to contribute by buying a T-shirt soon.