"Third wave feminism"

Upon given small freedom of expression and personal or sexual autonomy, the everyday woman has proved disappointing and made me depressed regarding the possibility for humanity. They oppress men in their freedom and propagate an impossible and invaluable standard for men. Like men before them, they choose to disregard and suppress the complexity of their sexual counterparts in their frustration.

Understand this is a place that promotes feminism and activism. But since you support free speech as well, I hope this post won’t find the trash.

Yes, we support free speech as long as it conforms to our rules of civility and guidelines for posting. You are welcome to post such thoughts, but be ready to be criticized as well by our other members.

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I am not sure that applies that much to India, does it? Isn’t 3rd wave more of a problem in the west? Indian women have a long way to go

Can you please give an instance or example to showcase your point?

Please have a look at the many feminism pages that have cropped up on facebook. Read through their content. While many posts and points made are indeed good in raising voice against oppression of poor women without a voice, you will also find many posts and people talking about how all men are criminals, cry about patriarchy for any counter point made, and suppress men’s views blocking and banning such counter arguments to their points so only they can be heard. I was assuming the same here on this site, fortunately, they turned out to be a class apart hosting my point of view as well.

I see a point in what you are saying, dude. And I feel that radical feminism is taking over. I remember was appalled to see some college girls participating in a so called slut walk in my neighborhood a few years ago. I belong to their same generation, I too raise my voice against my sex being oppressed. But these women called themselves feminist activists and are doing a ‘slut-walk’ saying it is their freedom of expression. Sure it is, but then men making comments at them or looking at their half nude bodies too need to be accepted as freedom of expression and freedom to look wherever, whicheverway. But this is opposed and men are being categorized as uncivilized animals. Then I ask doesn’t civil behavior apply to women too? Why would you copy and adopt a foreign concept for Indian cultural setting and offend so many people including women like me, almost all women in my mothers generation and so many others? What kind of feminism is this? And more importantly how come your set of rules for freedom to express do not apply to men? How come you think your way of culturally inappropriate dressing and offending a large set of people’s visuals and mind is not the same as a group of men making sexist, vulgar comments at you offending yours?

There is a marked difference between what they call feminism which is more ridden with pseudo feminism and the true essence of feminism. You will notice women who shout and scream about feminism and gender equality, will usually point towards non-issues like what women should wear and why they shouldn’t smoke and drink and who they should sleep with. I as a woman find it really depressing and appalling that where there is much else to think about in this world these so called feminists are stuck with such trivial agendas in their life. The real feminists are usually going about what they do quietly and do well themselves. Oppression happens on both sides and I don’t support that opinion that it happens only now. Men oppress somewhere and then somewhere else there is a woman oppressor making up. That is not new with third wave feminism. Third wave feminism is all a whim of the high society women who have a need to be recognized without any real achievements.

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