This is how Putin treats billionaire businessmen in Russia if they screw up

Here you see Putin dropping in uninvited to a meeting with businessmen including billionaires. Calling them cockroaches for scurrying around when he’s coming, to hide their ass. And you see them sitting like school kids who didn’t finish their homework. With sorry faces, doing what they are demanded to do by Putin. Including I guess, handing over their billion dollar business and factories to the state.

We can argue that Russia is not really a democracy, and it is not the place to expect litigations with judicial verdicts when the top man’s political prospects can be helped with such action, that gets publicized.

But it is something to take note and question ourselves in our democracy, if we are being too lenient towards big businesses that they can do what they want, cheating with people and people’s money, and get away easily.

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If our PM Modiji does this the media will create a harakiri, the opposition has always targeted him in the vile of secularism, the media went to an over drive with their fascist remark. President Putin came from an ordinary Russian family bearing the hardships and the sense of nationalism which was inculcated in him by his family and friends makes him take decisions for the betterment of his people…I am quite sure he will not leave any stone unturned to restore the past glorious days of Mother Russia. And in the same perspective I view our present Prime Minister Modiji will walk that extra mile for his people and his country.

While it may be true he is really doing this for the sake of his people against corrupt businessmen, we should be skeptical of what we see. Obviously, this is Russian state media publishing it and the whole thing may be a farce. We may never know what happened in backchannels with those businesspeople. Russia has a lot of billionaires who are supported by the state. This may be the ones who did not cooperate with the state.

In any case we should be thankful to our little more independent media and little more transparent democracy that a Modi cannot sit down business leaders and dictate what they should do. Because he simply can’t and our legal system is independent and powerful enough to prevent it. This is good for us. But at the same time media being monopolized and controlled by big business like Reliance is concerning. As these businesses certainly do have political affiliations and that creates a lot of conflict of interest.

Atleast the video is a good thug life concept…lol

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