Watch how a simple idea to clean India is making the biggest Swachh Bharat impact

It is the government’s responsibility to maintain public dustbins. However, it is easier to find a Pokémon than to find a public dustbin. You can’t blame the government too. When the govt tried maintaining public dustbins, people started stealing the dustbins and selling it at scrap shops.

To tackle the issue of “Non-availability of a Dustbin”, we had a very simple idea

“What if, every local café and every local restaurant in India maintains just 1 dustbin outside their place, wouldn’t India have enough dustbins"

  • Since dustbins are maintained by private shops, dustbins are never stolen.’
  • It is not a big cost for a shop to maintain a dustbin outside
  • There is a restaurant / shop in almost every corner in India, and the number of dustbins in India will increase significantly.

Keep India Clean movement was born with this idea in our own Bengaluru city and was officially launched in April 2016. Within 3 months of it’s launch it has spread across to 20 cities all across India, ranging from Mumbai (in the West) to Kolkata (in the East), from Udampur (in the North) to Chennai (in the South).

We have also partnered up with big MNCs such as McDonalds’ who have agreed to maintain a dustbin outside their stores all across India.

Would like you to know that our growth has been completely organic, we haven’t used any advertising or press coverage to jump-start the movement.

You can watch this video to understand about our movement

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This is a great initiative. Wish your movement all success. Do you have a YouTube video that can be embedded here?

We have made a Facebook video and not a Youtube Video. You can find the link for the Facebook Video here.