We created a private forest sanctuary for India's wild animals

Pamela Malhotra is from the US and does charity work as the only health professional in remote villages in the Himalayas and Kodagu District of Karnataka. Along with Dr. Anil Malhotra, both author and subject of several articles/interviews/film documentaries on the environment bought 300 acres of barren wasteland in the Karnataka state of India and created a beautiful, thriving forest sanctuary for wild animals.

Watch this small documentary to know more about their work and their philosophy. The passionate couple has a great message on how a small group can make a tremendous impact on nature conservation. Sai Sanctuary located at the heart of western ghats now spread across 300 acres and hosts a variety of wild species including some of the critically endangered species. Save Animal Initiative probably is the first private wildlife sanctuary in India and a living exemplary model of conservation that private individuals and entities can follow to save our depleting natural environments.

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