Welcome to Indian.zone

Welcome to Indian.zone - a community for intellectual pursuits connecting free thinkers, polymaths, artists, innovators, and activists. Enjoy civilized, meaningful discussions on many topics of your interest with other members. What are you passionate about? Post a new topic, discuss ideas and engage in conversations.

What is it?

indian.zone brings together intelligent and creative people who can discuss, collaborate and educate themselves on topics about which they are passionate. It is a beautifully designed flat forum that keeps conversations flowing and in context. Our community moderation system is smart and powerful helping prevent spam and trolls.

IZ is still an evolving concept. We as a community are learning as we go along on how better to organize the forums, what subjects we can include and which ones to let go as we accumulate user interests, your feedback and analytics data. So if you think you do not understand what you can do here and how you can contribute, do not worry, we assure you will get a hang of it as you visit regularly.

Who is it for?

IZ is for people who think it is becoming increasingly hard to have free, stimulating discussions on the Internet - for those who feel that personal attacks are silencing any difference of opinion and free speech, rational thoughts are ridiculed, and profound conversations are becoming out of fashion.

We are a community for and connecting:

  • Freethinkers
  • Intellectuals
  • Polymaths
  • Artists
  • Writers & Poets
  • Creative people
  • Social Activists
  • Geeks & Coders
  • NGOs

But this doesn’t define us all completely. Join us, contribute, discuss, debate and learn to get to know each other.

How does it work?

By joining us, you can contribute content and connect with like-minded individuals, join forums and participate in interesting conversations. You may ask questions on a range of topics and get answers. And conduct polls to understand what others are thinking.

We believe you will enjoy being an early adopter of our forums and in building it from ground up. So, gear up and get your conversation started, right away!

Some features:

  • No more forum pages to keep clicking. Just-in-time loading of replies as you scroll down while maintaining conversations in context.

  • Front page brings alive topics that matter to you - automagically. Search is fast yet powerful, letting you quickly narrow down to posts you want.

  • Trust system and community moderation keep out trolls, spam, and abuse. Anyone can become moderator and staff of IZ with enough trust gained through participation.

  • Anonymous mode lets you post without fear on controversial topics. Note our rules for civilized behavior do apply whether anonymous or not.

  • Reply while reading a post. Even jump around posts, topics, pages, even devices, but you won’t lose what you typed.

  • Real-time updates of new posts and replies while you are reading a topic. Dynamic notifications let you follow what matters to you in this forum.

  • Paste links to any site and let us auto-expand it for you. Sort of like Facebook, it looks cool, and we support hundreds of websites.

  • Multi-device support. Works and looks great across all your mobile devices and desktops.

  • Your data belongs to you. Our content license is Creative Commons. Import or export all your data, right from your browser, anytime. And everyone can export their posts right from their user page.

And our system AI takes pleasure in editing your posts for grammatical mistakes (using grammarly.com) taking care not to change anything about what you want to express. :relieved: This we believe will help get across ideas and thoughts eloquently while making our forums a pleasure to read. Not to mention help you improve your writing style.

Read the FAQ for more.

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