What book(s) have you been reading recently?

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To start it off, would like to know what books have you been reading lately. Hit the reply button below to write about your book(s) and how you found it to be.

If you got some time now, read this

I recently happened to read their kalki avargalin “Sivagamiyin Sabadham”… I have been blessed to read his works that includes Ponniyin Selvan… Seamlessly adding fictional plots to facts is like bread and butter to that great author. Tamil Literature are indeed a treasure to be preserved and preached.

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Ponniyin Selvan is a masterpiece that takes you back to the ages of the Cholas. Kalki’s extraordinary ability to bring out the details of those times graphically using his verbal skills is highly appreciable. And more importantly, the kind of research he put into recreating the olden ages just shows. I am just disappointed nobody has yet recreated the novel well directing a film on it. I guess it would be a herculean task to do justice to the novel this way but still it would be nice to see Kollywood or Bollywood try it.