What is real nationalism?


Basically, we live in an independent country, not in a dictatorship, so everyone has the right to like or express his or her feelings but when someone says bad words for the country where they live, that it’s totally wrong, like the recent issue at NIT Srinagar - celebrating India’s loss is no problem, but then saying “India murdabad”, that can’t be tolerated.

We are Indians and when someone says bad about the country we can’t tolerate it and we just raised the Indian national flag not any other country flag, even in many other institutes of India, our national flag is raised at the top, then if NIT students raise, what’s the big deal?

If you will think of risk every time, then you will never achieve anything, basically, nationalism is one of the most important things that everyone has, but the difference is many people in Kashmir don’t like India and love Pakistan.

But we the Indians can’t keep dumb and just watch others saying bad words about of our country in front of us.



Nationalism has turned into a TRP churning term by the media and a vote bank machine for the political parties both the opposition nd ruling. Nationalism is unity, nationalism is keeping your country 1st same like our armed forces. Our constitution gives us the freedom of speech but a handful of people turn it into a slur or a case of communalism that’s the point when we forget the difference between nationalism and freedom of speech…one can’t inject it into ones system it should be inculcated by the family or the surroundings. If that wasn’t done in the early stages of life then the teachers role come to play, even if it wasn’t possible the rest lies in the hand of the administrative or government of the state or centre. When all 3 pillars have failed its a misguided youth or citizen of the country with whom we need to be compassionate nd give him/her the chance to show his positive aspects, reaslise his/ her mistake nd direct his/ her energy into a constructive work for individual betterment that will result in social upliftment. It will take time but not impossible, all of us are in this together, all of us shall shoulder the responsibility to make our society flourish.


I would say nationalism should not be forced and it cannot be forced as well. It must be inculcated since a young age. But tolerance is also important. Especially when dealing with extremists. It is better to ignore them. In the Kashmir NIT issue, when some raises pro-pakistan slogans or the Pakistan flag, the media should ignore them. While stringent action need to be taken against them by police on sedition. It is as simple as that to put people in place. When these extremists understand they can’t get away doing sedition and also they will not get a minute of airtime, they will give up their cause. Because such media publicity incentives is what drives most of these extremists.


Agree to all the points you’ll have said but understanding the core issue of anti national sentiment is important. When wrong is done to a society and little justice is given there’s bound to be anger which creates anti nationalistic feelings. With a country as diverse as us it’s easy for another Jinnah to arise and exagerate the ill will and start a movement for freedom from India. By hating, punishing, name calling etc we only further alienate more and more of these fellow citizens. As a democracy we should win the minds & hearts of those disenchanted people be it even the Naxals and correct the wrong being done. With a little tolerance and understanding we can succeed rather than force and bans


Unfortunately, your version of nationalism is simply an emotional one. You are agitated about the fact that certain individuals are bad-mouthing something you love. This kind of sentimental approach to nationalism is exactly what intellectuals must avoid.

To think deeper about the cause of this ‘anti-national’ behavior would be important. If there are good reasons why these individuals have no loyalty towards the nation they live in, then it is a failure of the nation. There is something to be done. If they are doing it merely out of spite and if the nation is really as strong, then you have nothing to worry about and such individuals can be ignored.

To be a true nationalist, you must adhere to our democratic Constitution. This includes being able to tolerate criticism against your country by your own countrymen. You and I may not like it, but we have a Constitutional duty to listen to it and not infringe on the complainer’s right to free speech.

Only by adhering to our Constitution even more strongly in the face of adverse commentary, do we prove the strength of the nation.