Why India can do nothing much about Pakistan

There has been the tremendous amount of anger in India after the brazen Uri attacks by terrorists which killed 20 of our sleeping soldiers. Terrorists that by all accounts coming from Pakistan, most probably supported by ISI, military and many of its political leaders.

And the anger of people is reflected in Indian press calling for retaliatory attacks, covert operations, stopping the flow of Indus river, even an all-out war that once for all teaches Pakistan a lesson. Every tom, dick and harry is out with recommendations on what the govt. should do. And the common man seems to be dejected that the Modi govt. seems to be doing nothing other than just throwing around strong words of retaliation.

It is not the first time India has been attacked by Pakistan. We have been torn apart in Mumbai, attacked in our Parliament, bombed in many other cities, stamped on our head in Kargil; our soldiers beheaded mercilessly and all this in just the last 20 years or so. Pakistan has been a terrorist state all along and will be so who will bleed India. And we won’t be able to do anything much about it.


Simply because somehow that small country is strategically critical for some major powers in this world. First, it was the US, and now it is for China and even Russia. And the Pakistanis have been able to make their geopolitical strategic advantage work for them very well by successfully dealing with different regimes of these world powers over many decades now. They have been able to be more successful on the world stage than India even though being a small country and having a very little economic clout in this world.

India’s problem has not been Pakistan per se. They were inept in creating and using terror as state policy before the Americans intervened in this part of the world in the late 80s to take on USSR in the Afghan war. Pakistan was used as an American base and Pakistani agencies trained to run covert operations against the Soviets in Afghanistan. American proxy war using the Pakistanis was so compelling that it can said it brought about the demise of USSR.

But it left Pakistan with not only American defence support and money but also an excellently trained intelligence agency that’s super efficient in running proxy wars using terrorists against large nation states. The Americans fully supported Pakistan as an ally until recently for strategic reasons against India. And now Pakistan is slowly slipping away from American hands into the welcome hands of China. A UN security council permanent member who can veto anything and everything against Pakistan brought about by India.

India on the other hand, with more than a billion people, a democratically elected government, being a responsible nuclear power has still not been able to secure a seat in the UN security council. While a country like China with bad human rights record, a communist government, that militarily helps rogue states like Pakistan and North Korea has been able to secure a seat long back.

We have screwed up entirely on the world stage for many decades now and taken for a ride by world powers. And we are going to be pushed and shoved by everyone including Pakistan for years to come.

Not most probably, but most certainly the terrorists are Pakistan army and ISI trained, govt. supported group.

While I agree with your analysis that we have been a simple, soft power who have not made a place on the world stage in spite of being the world’s largest democracy and a nuclear power, I think there’s still time to redeem ourselves and get up the pecking order of nations. It requires some deft diplomacy and show of strength. Something that Pakistan has been able to pull off as you mentioned.

This is so true, exactly what I was thinking. It is a big fault of our politicians that they were so busy in securing their seats and corruption that no one thought about making the Military Navy Air Force strong. And now their eyes suddenly opened and they are upgrading the defence but that will take decades to upgrade and till that time who knows what more in our plate from Pakistan. And this is really true at this point India can’t do any thing to Pakistan. And also everybody is saying world is supporting India that is a big joke. World is just watching and listening to our speech and saying we support you nobody is going to get their hands dirty in this conflict. Has USA said even one word about the attack? And what kind of support are people speaking of. I will suggest stay calm for now and let our economy grow and when the time is right we can see what to do with Pakistan.

Though India was not able to do much about Pakistan in past due to its poor leadership and strategic importance of Pakistan during Afgan war, does mean it will not be able to do anything in future also. Pakistan is of little importance to rest of world now except China that’s why nobody is listening to its Kashmir Chant and Balochistan issue is coming on forefront now with EU even threatening with sanctions to Pakistan if human rights situation is not improved there. In 1971, before Afgan war India was able to dissect Pakistan in two parts with its might. With a strong leadership only India can tackle a terrorist Pakistan effectively otherwise leaders like I K Gujral who scaled down Indian assets( RAW officers) in Pakistan when he was PM can cause disasters anytime.

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